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somnio pillow review

Somnio Pillow Review

Lately, I am on a quest to find all the things we need to have a good night sleep. This is why I created this pillow section here. Today, it’s a good time to write this Somnio pillow review after using it for about 3 weeks now.

It’s designed and manufactured here in Australia by the maker of the well known Sommuto mattress. That means you should expect a similar philosophy so this is a memory foam pillow. However, this is not the element that differentiates this pillow from the others. The main thing about it is that fact that you can fully wash it and by that I mean the whole pillow! The reason they went with this approach is that they designed it for people who suffer from allergies. The pillow comes with free delivery and it will be delivered directly to your door. Let’s move now to the full review below.


I have already mentioned that the Somnio pillow is made of soft memory foam. It has a simple and straightforward design and it’s all made of one material. To make it more breathable, they applied micro piercings. The maker claims that with this design, the pillow can regulate your temperature during sleep. It’s a high profile pillow measuring 72cm x 42cm x 15cm but if you prefer low profile ones then you can check their Sooma pillow. But you shouldn’t worry, it will still fit your old pillowcases.

somnio pillow review


The Somnio pillow has no cover. In order to use it, all you need to do is put a pillowcase on it. So there is not really a lot I can say about it here.


Getting the right pillow is very important to get good sleep. One thing that matters a lot is the height of the pillow. Personally, I am a fan of low profile pillows as I think they are more versatile. So I was a bit sceptical with this one and the reality is that it performed well in 2 out of the 3 sleeping positions. To be more specific, it was excellent in the side position, very good in the back position and not comfortable in the stomach position. This pillow is too thick to sleep on your stomach. Other than that, the memory foam will provide your neck and head with good pressure relief and support. The pillow feels soft but the lack of cover makes it less soft than standard memory foam pillows.

Is the Somnio pillow for me?

Completing this Somnio pillow review, it’s a good time to share my final thoughts with you. I think that their Sooma pillow is a cheaper and better pillow. Having said that, I think that this pillow would be great for anyone looking for:

  • A high-profile pillow that is great for side and back sleepers.
  • A memory foam pillow that offers good pressure relief.
  • A fully washable pillow that is ideal for allergy sufferers.

If you look for all these, then the Somnio pillow can be a good choice. The pillow also comes with free shipping and a 100-night trial period. So at $99, it’s not a bad deal at all!

Somnio Pillow Review
Fully washable
Good pressure relief
Not great for stomach sleepers