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happysleep mattress review

HappySleep Mattress Review

More and more boxed mattresses appear in the Australian market and it can be hard to choose the right one these days. HappySleep is a relatively new company but let’s be honest, most of the companies that make rolled mattresses are relatively new. In this HappySleep mattress review, I will talk about this value for money option and whether you should consider it.

They design and ship their mattresses from Melbourne which allows them to offer same-day delivery for this city only! My mattress arrived about a month ago so it’s about time now, I write this review.

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What is a HappySleep mattress made of?

The HappySleep mattress has a 3-layer construction. These layers are:

  • A bouncy latex layer that is there to provide your body with the needed comfort. This layer has a pinhole design which helps to keep you cool during sleep.
  • An air memory foam layer which provides your body with the needed pressure relief. It also helps to minimise partner disturbance.
  • A high-density support base layer which is the base of this mattress. It provides your body with the needed support.

The image below showcases the different layers.


What is the cover made of?

The cover of the HappySleep mattress is made of Tencel. For those who don’t know much about it, I can tell you that it’s a fantastic material. Natural raw material wood is used to make it and the end product has some amazing characteristics. To begin with, it’s very breathable which is what is needed for a good cover. It’s also naturally bacteriostatic and feels very soft. The fabric they use is OekoTex certified meaning it is free from harmful chemicals.

The cover features a two-tone design with the top part being white and the side part being seafoam. At the bottom of the cover, they have added a non-slip base which is very practical thinking. This will ensure that the mattress will stay in place. The cover feels quite soft but strong at the same time and I personally really liked it. Overall, I think they did a great job here so no complaints at all.

How does the HappySleep mattress feel?

HappySleep is a mattress designed to suit most people. It has a medium-firm feel and if I use my virtual scale here, I would say it’s a 6.5 with 10 being really firm. I would like now to talk about the different sleeping positions and how this mattress performed.

firmness scale

Starting from the back position, I instantly noticed that this mattress has more bounce compared to a traditional memory foam one. This is due to the use of latex which has this characteristic. I felt that I was supported but I didn’t get this hugging feeling that pure memory foam mattresses give. This is not bad of course, it’s more of a preference. It was comfortable in this position and I felt that my spine was aligned properly.

Turning to the side position, the latex layer reacted quickly and sinkage increased. I felt that my hips were not deep enough for good spine alignment and it wasn’t very comfortable. Support was adequate but I think if you are a side sleeper maybe you should look elsewhere.

Finally, moving to the stomach position, I felt that this mattress did a great job. My hips were in the right position and I felt very well supported. Pressure relief was adequate and in general, I got a really good feeling in this position.

Regarding the edge support, I would say it’s ok for a foam mattress. However, it can’t be compared with a hybrid one. If you share your bed with your partner then this is a good option. The motion transfer is quite minimal so you won’t be disturbed too much by your partner.

Do I need a special setup?

You can place your HappySleep mattress on any flat surface but the maker suggests using a bed frame with slats that are no wider than 10 cm apart. This is to allow airflow which helps your mattress breath better. If you want to place it on your floor then you should only do it if there isn’t much moisture in your house.

Will it come packed in a box?

It’s already mentioned that the HappySleep mattress is a boxed one. It will come packed in a box and will be delivered directly to your door. Delivery is free for all sizes and depending on where you live, it can be really fast. For Melbourne, they even offer same-day delivery if you place your order before midday. I live in Sydney so my mattress arrived 4 days after I had placed my order. The process was smooth and I received good communication with dispatch times and my delivery slot. The courier was polite and overall, I was really happy with my experience.

Will the HappySleep mattress come with a trial period?

The HappySleep mattress comes with a 100-night trial period which is a lot of time to decide whether you want to keep it or not. If you don’t then you can return it for free and get a full refund. The process is not complicated and you don’t have to keep the original packaging to be able to do so. All returned mattresses are donated to charities or given to mattress recyclers.

Besides that, you will also get a 10-year warranty that will cover you for a really long time. This shows how confident they are in their manufacturing process. Overall, they are doing really well here so no complaints at all.

How much does it cost?

This mattress is available in 5 sizes so you will definitely find the one that suits your needs. It’s one of the cheapest boxed mattresses in the market with frequent promotions and discounts. Before you buy always check my discount code page here for the latest mattress offers. The Single one starts at $749 with the King selling for $1,099. The table below has pricing information for all available sizes.

Single92 x 188 x 25cm$749
King Single107 x 203 x 25cm$799
Double138 x 188 x 25cm$899
King183 x 203 x 25cm$1,099

Is the HappySleep mattress for me?

Finishing this HappySleep mattress review, it’s a good time to share my final thoughts with you. Latex is a material that you will either like or hate. I personally like a bit of bounce so it was good to see that they used it here. I would say that this mattress is ideal for anyone looking for:

  • A very affordable boxed mattress that is made with high-quality materials.
  • A mattress that sleeps cool even during the hottest summer days.
  • A foam mattress that comes with excellent service and support.

I think that this mattress has a really good value for money ratio which is similar to the 624 mattress. Therefore, if you want a good mattress and you don’t want to break the bank then this should be high on your list.

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HappySleep Mattress Review
Great for back and stomach sleepers.
Very fast delivery
Value for money
Not great for side sleepers